Tony Johnson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 405

After escaping Celestial, the heroes of the siege traveled north to Serendale. Along the way, they were joined by two warriors and a Dwarf named Grizz. During a battle against Sabertooth, Grizz gained control over the element of earth. In addition to the element, he, Steve, Ty, and Kari saw a vision of the Hooded Phantom’s past.As the group continued their journey, they were attacked in the lair of the Spider Queen, where Ty sacrificed his life so the others could escape. With broken hearts, the heroes arrived in Serendale, only to find that it had been destroyed and all its civilians killed. Finding his family dead, Grizz ingested a lethal number of poisonous berries.In Three Visions, what’s left of the group of companions who set out from Hunters’ Den head further north to Casanovia to make a stand against the Hooded Phantom’s advancing army. They will unlock the abilities of ...
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