Dwight Ong
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 229

You always hear the stories of famous FIlipinxs, but you never get a chance to hear the stories of the every-day Fil-Am. These stories from the younger generation of Fil-Ams often don't get the spotlight, yet they encompass the current shared colective experiences that can help you understand the Fil-Am community and their struggles.  Often, these are the Fil-Am stories you can personally relate to. This book gives you the opportunity to read the stories of 37 different real, everyday New Generation Fil-Ams from around the United States who were kind and brave enough to share their own personal stories of their struggles and experiences they face here in the U.S.These stories can help you and other Fil-Ams closely connect and really look towards for guidance whenever faced with an issueThe categories are as follows: Culture Family Immigration Racism Education LGBTQ+Personal ...
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