Shane Trusz
ASIN: B07M62F3W4
Publisher: Fairbay Publishing
Pages: 432

To find family and friendships beyond their wildest dreams, Will and Morgan must face an enemy beyond their worst nightmares.After the mysterious disappearance of the Dark Queen, a new commander rises to lead the vast gnome armies against the humans. And he makes the Dark Queen look merciful.Little does the commander know, a renowned general has a plan to use ancient magic to strengthen the human army and unite the Fourwinds. Will and Morgan contribute their unique gifts to help their friends in the battle, but even their best efforts could either save the Fourwinds or thrust the kingdom into utter chaos.If they fail, the Gateway to our world will be defenseless. Beyond the Hollowtangle is the second book in the Maidstone Chronicles, an action-packed fantasy series. If you like magical, epic adventures mixed with meaningful friendships, budding romance, and a dash of humor, you’ll ...
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