Maxx Whittaker
ASIN: B07M7L81R4
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 142

At the End of All ThingsAkershus. Lir has reached the gates of his eigth trial, a fortress that will demand everythig of his gifts. Akershus, the gatehouse to Valhalla, stands at the foot of the Bifrost. Within its walls a thousand-year masquerade plays out as good and evil vie for control of the stronghold and the realms of the gods. Lir, neither god nor man, has one chance to tip the balance. But in a masquerade, who is friend and who is foe? Lir has until the world clock strikes midnight to choose his allies and stop the cataclysm. And saving the realms is just the beginning of his struggle... No fade-to-black! Stop being mad at me about this; it makes my grandma sad! Cocidius is not for readers who suffer from an aversion to intense depictions of blood, gore, swearing, and beautiful women choosing to make sweet love to our hero. If you suffer from any of these, you ...
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