Abby Ayles
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 1664

Three women. Three men. When they meet, they soon find out they have to fight to earn their right to love. Isabella Watts’s fall from grace after her father’s passing is long and devastating. Hunted by a ruthless enemy, she finds refuge and employment as a governess at Wintercrest Manor. As she becomes instrumental in healing the bond between the house’s residents, the kindhearted Marquess of Bellfourd shines a light of hope on her own heart. Will her looming past threaten her chance at happiness? Will Isabella finally be delivered from torment?Lady Abigail Grant has listened to many lovely tales about the Earl of Gilchrist. When he returns home from the war, however, physically scarred and emotionally wounded, he is not the man she had expected. Nevertheless, he is the only one who can discern the concealed danger she is in. Will he find the strength to battle his greatest enemy ...
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