Asaf Rozanes
Publisher: Yazamia Ltd.
Pages: 45

Award Winning Book SeriesMONSTERS ARE REAL!It's time to stop denying their existence and start getting to know them and why they came to pay you a visit.Whether you're a parent or a child - we all have something we are afraid or scared of which might cause you tension/anxiety or fear in your day to day life.It might be fear of standing in front of a crowd or just being afraid of the dark - the origin of these fears is always the same - fearing the unknown.In this amusing and heroic bedtime tale Mia decides to confront her worst fears - what happens next is truly inspiring and provides both children and parents with REAL practical life tools for facing and conquering their fears!Rated by parents, teachers, psychologists and kids(!) worldwide as one of the best indie children's book series to ever have been published! Here are just a few of the practical tools this Award Winning book ...
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