Ruby Duvall
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 261

Desire leaves her bound to a demon. Love will unlock her destiny.In Shumei's world, her black hair marks her as being touched by magic and thereby vulnerable to its corruption. Shunned by her village, she and her family scrape by selling herbal remedies, but a mysterious epidemic has depleted her stores, and she is forced to leave the protection of town to replenish them.With only moonlight to guide her, Shumei does what she can to evade the demons known to stalk the woods, but she finds herself confronted by an alluring man with a wicked smile and desolate eyes—one who somehow knows her deepest, darkest desires…and whose depraved hunger betrays his inhuman nature.Little does she know how a single moment of weakness will end up unlocking her potential, her destiny, and her heart.~♥~Caught in the Devil's Hand is book one of an epic fantasy romance series about the extraordinary sorcerers ...
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