Thomas Smith
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 101

So, maybe you struck gold and found yourself staring at the winning PowerBall ticket right there in your hands. Maybe you actually broke your back trying to build that 6 or 7-digit bank account you’ve been working hard on for years. Whatever the case, you’ve got some green to spend. So you just gotta ask - what should you spend it on?Now, what option does that leave you? What about… real estate? Before you raise a brow and say that investing in property is the opposite of your idea of an “exciting financial venture,” you should know that some of the world’s richest have made their millions through intuitive real estate strategies. Considered by many as an extreme real estate sport, house flipping is a fast-paced investment strategy that takes what you have and doubles it over the span of 1 year. If you can liquidate in less time, then you’ve made a faster ROI than you ...
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