Dr. Jeffrey Donner
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 360

The dye was cast. There were no more questions, no more hesitations. The actions of the Warrior Queen had sealed the fate of the Greek Demos. Xerxes, the Great, would take his army and blacken the soil of Attica with their blood. He swore to his God and to his ancestors that Athens would burn, and he would spit on the sacred ground of the Greek civilization. There was no turning back. The Persians would take their justified vengeance.Themistocles, the leader of the Demos, and Leonidas, the King of Sparta had formed an alliance to stop the Persian invasion. But their numbers were hopelessly small, and their prospects of survival were miniscule. They faced annihilation and extermination of their race. The Great Oracle at Delphi had outlined a strategy for them. It centered on a wooden wall and praying to the Wind. But the Oracle was not specific, what did this mean? No mere wall could ...
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