James Andrew
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 237

Police are called to a large house after the parlour maid discovers the wealthy owner’s bodyThe peace of a Yorkshire town is disturbed when one of its most prominent residents is murdered. Inspector Blades and Sergeant Peacock investigate…With the murder weapon found near the body, the detectives hope that fingerprints will help them discover the killer. But it is clear that they are dealing with a cunning perpetrator who has covered all their tracks. With various leads running into dead ends, the answers will come from understanding the victim’s character and the killer’s motive.The victim, Lady Evelyn Wright, ran a tight ship at Elmwood Hall, she had the highest of expectations of her servants and made a strong display of moral rectitude. But recently, after the death of her stern father, she had been courting, and several younger men were seen in her company. Any of these ...
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