Chelsea Thomas
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 302

No one needs ninety-six rolls of toilet paper. It’s the week before the 4th of July and Pine Grove is in a frenzy.Big Time developer Hank Rosenberg wants to build a “Massive Mart” in town. And he’s going to knock down several beloved business to make it happen.The townspeople are up in arms. Pine Grove is quaint. And serene! Way too charming for a mega store.Besides, who in the world needs to buy toilet paper ninety-six rolls at a time? The night before the buildings are set to be torn down… Big time developer Hank Rosenberg dies, face down in a plate of Miss May’s “Every Berry Pie.” The police are more than happy to chalk this one up to natural causes. But Chelsea and Miss May suspect foul play. Who could have killed the developer?Could it have been Master Skinner, the local karate expert famous for his “fists of death?”What about the developer's wife? She never ...
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