Aleksandra Layland
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 126

Silver medalist in the 2019 Florida Authors and Publishers President's Book Awards.This is the second edition of the novella Albina. Set in an early industrial age society, in a time not now and a world not of our own, it tells the story of the childhood and coming of age of a young woman named Albina, the only daughter of the main protagonists in "Far Haven" (Part III of the epic Windflower Saga trilogy). Albina is mixed race, a twin, and "a brain" (as her friends and cousins say it." From early childhood, she has an interest in science, especially chemistry, at a time when few women have yet entered these developing fields of study. Albina leaves home to pursue her studies. In the process, she also encounters her mother's indigenous culture and comes to grip with her identity and her faith. Romance beckons and Albina must also come to grips with what love really means. A charming and ...
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