Ellen Anderson
ASIN: B07MK98R31
Publisher: Royce Cardiff Publishing House
Pages: 56

Available as a value box set complete series amazon.com/dp/B07ZV48WVD (copy and paste the link into your browser)The town of Red Rock, Wyoming, has had a hard year, and Sheriff Aidan McKinley feels responsible for the well-being of his citizens. He has been unable to catch the band of robbers who have been wreaking havoc on the area. As a result, though the annual Christmas program is only a few months away, no one seems to have the spirit to start the planning.Until widow Maggie Donahue rides into town with her seven-year-old twins. Maggie has worked hard over the last two years since her husband died to make a life for her son and daughter, but moving to Red Rock feels like the first time they have a chance at finding a real home.Immediately, Maggie brings the town back to life, and everyone falls in love with the young widow ... including Aidan.Read all the books in CHRISTMAS IN RED ...
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