A. L. Norton
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 116

Warning: This book does contain explicit language. THIS BOOK IS BEING OPTIONED FOR FILM! Lindsey, a young woman, narrates the story of her childhood growing up in an abusive home, where brutal beatings and violence took place. She refers to her therapist, that her father is "The Boogeyman." Things inside the home only get worse when Lindsey begins to blossom as a young teenager. Not only the beatings, now her father begins to molest, sexually assault, and brutally rape her. It doesn't stop there. Matter's for Lindsey only seem to get worse and her life begins to spiral out of control. A must read. Winner of a Reader's Choice Award! This is part of a book series. "Mother Should Have Build The Wall," is part two of the book series. Part of the proceeds from both books go to Janie's Fund - Janie's House, that front man of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, started for young, abused girls to have a ...
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