Kathy Heart
Publisher: Fable Charm
Pages: 147

Why should a man’s social standing matter if he is honorable and kind, and if he loves you? Why shouldn’t you marry for love instead of money?Twenty-one-year-old Lady Harriet Hampstead, dubbed ‘the Ice Queen’, wants nothing to do with the men who pursue her. When her father is killed in a riding accident, Harriet must submit to her mother’s expectation that she marry the Duke of Salston. Will she be forced to tie herself to a man she doesn’t love?Does the woman he has plans to woo have a warm heart or is she really only interested in his money? The man Lady Harriet thinks is Lord Caleb DeVere, the Duke of Salston, doesn’t seem to cut as fine a figure as the suitors who have come before him. He is too old, for starters, and not much into conversation. But he is a good judge of character. He knows who Lady Harriet really wants to marry…and it isn’t him.How will Harriet ...
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