Mandie Tepe
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 362

For the most part, the souls that live in the Crosswinds Apartments building in Carrefour—a small town located on the Missouri bank of the Mississippi River—form a tight knit diverse community . . . some living transparent lives while others have secrets to hide. And then there are those who have found themselves at a crossroads.Chance “Lucky” Loughlin is a retired Navy SEAL working as an operative for a private military contractor when he finds himself at his crossroads. Should he continue on the same path, or veer off toward new horizons? A couple of years after resettling in his hometown, he meets his quirky new neighbor.Jimi Alexander has the distinction of being the “white sheep” of her rough-and-tumble biker clan. She’s content with a life filled with family, friends and creating her art . . . never having a thought of taking it in a new direction. But after meeting ...
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