Katina Gavin
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 270

When an ex-Marine struggles to feel whole as a wounded warrior, one man will be her salvation. But first, she’ll have to save his life. Sergeant Emerson’s medical discharge from military service scares her witless. Especially when as a fresh amputee she’s designated as a bodyguard to a quirky genius. But after she’s placed in civilian housing with a handsome man who sees past her pride, her soldier’s heart softens.Tika never expected to be attracted to the fiercely proud ex-Marine sharing his quarters. Sensing that her emotional pain goes far beyond her traumatic injury, he’s drawn to help her heal and find love. But deep down, he knows a future together is doomed: he wants a family and Emerson has made it obvious she doesn’t feel the same.When a dramatic assassination attempt throws Tika into the line of fire, raw emotions pull the couple closer. Can the pair move past ...
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4 stars from 14 ratings
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