Sivaranjini Ramamurthy
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 161

If we are not loved by anyone, it doesn't mean that we will be in the same way forever. One day our life will change, we would be the special person for someone waiting out there, we would be their life, we would be their soul, we would be their breath as we wanted to be, we two halves will become one. But we should move on for that to happen in our life. This is a story of real female protagonist in an unreal story of love, pain, adventure and thrill. ABOUT THE AUTHOR:The sudden loss of my dad due to heart attack, completely shattered me. The last suffocation which I saw was haunting me. I wanted something to cling on and luckily I came across my short story which I wrote 4 years back. So, I started to write a new story pouring out my feelings to keep my mind busy so that it doesn't think about the haunting thing. This story contains the love which I ached for and the process to ...
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