Rita Perea
Publisher: LifeWorks! Press
Pages: 124

Put down your device!  Pick up this book! Unplug and get a life!As a business leader, entrepreneur or aspiring manager, are you barely surviving at work and in life? As you navigate this rapidly changing digital world, do your days feel disjointed, chaotic and out of control? Do you feel overwhelmed with the "shoulds", "gottas", and "must dos", along with too many interruptions to accomplish them all?Or, are you one of the lucky fabulous few waking up each morning feeling self-confident, pulled together and ready to take on the world to achieve success?In this book, business strategist, executive coach, speaker and author, Rita Perea, shares Buddha-inspired wisdom and tactical success strategies to help you: Thrive in the new gig economyIncrease your focus and connection through meditationDetox from digital devices to cultivate the maker-side of your brainReset your thinking to create ...
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