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*Includes pictures*Includes accounts*Includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading*Includes a table of contents “Wuld that I was an artist & had the material to paint this camp & all its horors or the tounge of some eloquent Statesman and had the privleage of expresing my mind to our hon. rulers at Washington, I should gloery to describe this hell on earth where it takes 7 of its ocupiants to make a shadow.” - Sgt. David Kennedy “There is so much filth about the camp that it is terrible trying to live here." - Michigan cavalryman John RansomNotorious, a hell on earth, a cesspool, a death camp, and infamous have all been used by prisoners and critics to describe Andersonville Prison, constructed to house Union prisoners of war in 1864, and all descriptions apply. Located in Andersonville, Georgia and known colloquially as Camp Sumter, Andersonville only served ...
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