Jerry D. Young
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 70

Post-Apocalyptic Fiction by Jerry D. YoungWare YeAn insurance salesman on budget becomes concerned about world events and decides to do what he can to prepare for disaster.EXCERPT“Ware ye! Ware ye, I say! Ware ye! The end time is nigh! Confess! Repent! Ware ye! Ware ye! “The guy is a nut,” laughed Mike, the best bowler on the team. “Ware ye, my rear end.”Larry Winkle didn’t join in the laughter with the rest of his bowling team as they walked past the old, white haired man in his dirty, torn jeans, sweatshirt and cardboard sign that said the same thing he was voicing.“I don’t know how he lives,” said Claude, who happened to be the worst bowler on their team, but still pretty good. “He’s been walking the streets with that sign for a month now.”The fourth member of the team, Marshal, added his two cents to the conversation. “I wish the cops would pick him up. ...
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