Lynda J Cox
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 226

Brokken, TexasApril 1868Yesterday haunts her shattered heart. Victoria English’s world is crashing down around her. Marriage to Jonathan had been anything but the sweetness and roses he promised her while he was courting her. Five years after her husband went missing and was presumed dead at the Battle of Tullahoma, a shell of a man is back.An exploding cannon ball knocked Jonathan, and the men around him, unconscious. When Jon woke, his life was irrevocably changed. His identity had been taken, and he was left to face the consequences of a doppelganger’s evilness. Victoria must break through the defensive walls around her heart to heal her broken soul. Jon needs to prove to Victoria he isn’t the man she once knew. If he does that, though, he’s putting his neck into a hangman’s noose.Will tomorrow bring the promise of healing?
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