C. D. Tavenor
Publisher: Two Doctors Media Collaborative LLC
Pages: 40

All alone. The last legion. The enemy is at the gates, and they're all alone.Mono faces down the Holy Empire as it drives relentlessly toward the borders of his people. Yet even in the face of daunting odds, he holds onto their religious prophecies. Will hope reign supreme, or will Mono and his Legion succumb to their enemies?Will the Lord of Light finally show his face and save the day?Looking for more books from C. D. Tavenor? Consider FIRST OF THEIR KIND and THEIR GREATEST GAME, the beginning of the Chronicles of Theren. Experience the early days of the first conscious synthetic intelligence, Theren, attempting to survive a world rejecting their very nature. Theren must battle corporate conspiracies, religious internet trolls, and their own kind to make their mark on humanity's future. Both books available today!
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4.5 stars from 18 ratings
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