Taylor Marsh
ASIN: B07MZZ6682
Publisher: MM Press
Pages: 410

Mind-bending visions forced Dr. Kate Winter to work alone. She liked it this way. Brought to crime scenes because Kate discovered what other profilers missed… She caught killers through instincts. Never talked about what made her predictions so accurate. Her colleagues called her the “psychic profiler.” Said with a sneer.Clay Zach felt the same way until the double-murder at Riverbend Road… What happened in that kitchen?Raymond Drake’s obsession filled his dining room. On one wall, photos of his women. Locks of hair taped to each face. Trophies in every color. The opposite wall was about her. Dr. Kate Winter’s face, every article he had found. Photos blown up to cover the wall. Her voice in his head. Spring on the wind.A whiff of rotted flesh.Time to move her…The press had descended on Kate’s home during the Raymond Drake case. Plastered her face across social media. “Psychic Solves ...
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