Patrick Bradley
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 52

Want to do away with diapers forever without going through endless “wet pants” accidents and stress?Proven 5-Step Potty Training in a Weekend will show you proven step-by-step techniques to potty train your child over 1 weekend to regain your sanity and have more quality time with your little one.Inside this book you will discover: Proven step-by-step day & night training plans to potty train your child over 1 weekendTechniques and tools to overcome challenges and accelerate success in potty training, so that you can save money and time from buying and changing diapersTraining strategies for different gender and regression scenarios (e.g. children who cry or go into hiding) to help your little one be diaper-free permanently. Bonus chapter on fun activities to build deeper relationships and help your potty-trained child to enjoy school moreAnd much much more!Would you like to know ...
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