R.L. Mathewson
ASIN: B07N3166MN
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 276

How far would you go to keep a promise?Reed Bradford never should have made that promise.He’d barely survived the first time around, but now she was back, his best friend’s little sister, his one-time neighbor, and the woman that he never should have promised to protect. He never should have done a lot of things, like cross that line, but once he did…There was no turning back.Joey Lawson always had a plan, but unfortunately, mostly for her, sometimes those plans backfired. On her. This time would be no different. After the unfortunate incident that she felt was better not to think about, she found herself doing the one thing that she’d never survive.Falling in love with a Bradford.Excerpt from The Promise: “Reed?” she said, licking her lips nervously as the man that was making it difficult to think glared at her.“Do you know what I did for the past twelve years, Joey?” ...
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