Blade Cort
Publisher: Blade Cort
Pages: 96

One of the first genetic engineering sci-fi adventures to paint a vivid, dystopian future right around the corner!What do you get when you throw AI, anti-aging, and human genetic engineering into a maelstrom, add a pinch of bigotry and fear, then sprinkle-in the threat of an alien invasion? A nail-biting, apocalyptic story with page-turning suspense!In this first installment of the Over the Precipice series, it's Boston, 2037, and DNA is just another code base. The world’s social fabric has been torn asunder from two decades of political, racial, and climate strife, and the growing factions of genetically altered "transhumans" are further aggravating biases and divisions.As the story begins, our well-intentioned, Boston-based science podcast crew is desperate to pick up sagging ratings, so they begin to expose radical alternatives to the imminent alien threat. By interviewing ...
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