Blade Cort
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 96

Curious about humanity’s growing array of existential risks and its inability to control them? Then take this harrowing ride through the streets of Boston and Cambridge.A foreboding obelisk falls from the sky. Not your typical strange day on Earth. This day is special – it's August 2037, and DNA is just another programming language.Enhanced by chips, AI connections, and metallics, the number of genetically altered humans has been increasing rapidly, causing global instability. With the world in disarray, it can’t handle an unwelcome surprise like this.Peter Scott, a nerdy science podcaster and Molli, the no-nonsense kung fu sound engineer, are innocently caught in the middle of the frenzy as they interview experts with controversial views of how to protect the planet from the anticipated alien arrival. Each podcast appears to fan the flames of violence, and who is sending them ...
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