Melissa Devenport
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 266

True love is put to the ultimate test. Till death us do part just got real.The run down neighborhood looks even worse this rainy Detroit evening. When Sandra’s car suddenly breaks down it’s like a terrible joke. Especially since her eight-year-old son is also in the car.The fact that a notorious biker club is housed just across the street wouldn’t normally improve on the situation. But this time it’s different. Suddenly he stands there. Same old boots but the biker vest is new. It’s many years since they split, but Trace looks himself. Almost. His eyes are deeper, darker. No fine lines or gray. It’s as if age and time never bothered with him. He’s a handsome man with a luscious aura that almost asks to be tasted. She’s spent almost a decade missing him. She still does.Sandra looks like an angel. The flowing blonde hair and cornflower blue eyes make her curvy body look as ...
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