Misty Provencher
Publisher: Corner Stone Publishing LLC
Pages: 124

In every society, killing is a crime. But in the case of one particular fortune teller, the crime of thievery is an act of mercy.Edeva, an ancient Gypsy, arrives in the peaceful, Upper Peninsula town of Lake Linden, Michigan, a full night ahead of her circus. Having magically pre-delivered hundreds of enchanted dream catchers, the old fortune teller canvases the streets, harvesting the townspeople’s dreams and desires from the ornamental threads. After all, every gift has its price. Edeva intends to steal the last of the fortunes she needs to complete her life-threatening quest and thwart a primordial foe.However, one should never judge a Gypsy by her skin. The arthritic old woman is something far more than she appears to be, but time is still running out for her.As Edeva’s treacherous mission looms, the only way for her to succeed is to reveal her true self, steal at least two ...
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5 stars from 10 ratings
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