Ara Sagherian
Publisher: Happy Self Publishing
Pages: 72

A WICKEDLY FUNNY MEMOIR Face adversity and live a more meaningful life. Find the silver lining in any situation. The Florida Papers delivers a memorable experience in this courageous true story about overcoming life's greatest challenges.Ride shotgun, laugh out loud, and learn what it takes to be the best you, no matter the odds. This insightful self-help companion stares down issues like depression, chronic pain, and loneliness without losing its sense of humor.Create the life you deserve and grab your copy today! Topics you'll explore inside:loveovercoming adversitylife after catastrophic lossfinding meaningfather/son relationshiplifelong friendships Reader Testimonials:"I laughed out loud, and felt my eyes well up in this heartfelt story. Highly recommend!""This was such a well written piece, reminded me of Hemingway's prose. A succinct representation of the hardships of a man who ...
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