Rachel Mazur
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 138

"Taking Flight makes learning fun; it conveys important biological concepts by relating them to personal experiences. It’s brilliant!” —Joni Ellis, founder and director, Optics for the TropicsWill Izzy make friends in her new school? Izzy’s family is moving to a big city at the end of the summer, and she is filled with dread. She’ll start fifth grade at a new school where she doesn’t know anyone. Meanwhile, a bird she names Señor Wilson also faces a big move. He’ll soon migrate south for the winter—a journey full of peril. As Izzy’s adventure unfolds in parallel with Señor Wilson’s, it seems Izzy’s worst fears may come true. It’s only by finding her inner courage—with a little help from her friends in the Nature Club—that Izzy can find her wings and truly take off.
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