Shandi Boyes
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 206

The weak request forgiveness.The strong seek revenge.I’m the strongest I’ve ever been.Until I met her. Little Ms. Skitzo in a floral dress and eyes that revealed she’s danced with the devil and won wasn’t part of my game plan.She is broken. . . just like me. She is psychotic. . . just like me. But more than anything, she wants revenge. . . just like me. Together, we will be unstoppable. Until we aren’t. The voices have always been there, their screams and demands forever met. But this voice is new, determined, and quite frankly, frightening.It is the voice of reason. Psycho is a dark romance that delves into the mind of a psychopath. Can redemption be achieved when you believe you have nothing to answer for? This book is not for the faint-hearted. Due to violence, disturbing scenes, and language, it is only recommended to those over the age of eighteen. Although it is ...
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