Heather Horrocks
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 142

A football player who refuses to let his guard down. The woman who just might slip past his defenses.Knox Reid, nicknamed Fort Knox by the media, knew this masquerade ball was going to be emotional. No one wants to lose a brother, but that’s what’s happening. What he didn’t expect was to find himself dancing with the woman who is filling his brother’s head with false hope.The feisty and beautiful Amy Kingsley needs two weeks to prove her cutting-edge therapy can help post-concussion victims. Her newest patient is a famous, retired football player. What she didn’t expect was his conceited, arrogant brother, Knox, to accuse her of being a fraud.Things get really interesting when he demands she be his fake girlfriend in order to save his brother’s marriage. It doesn’t take long for Amy to see through Knox’s façade where she finds an overly concerned brother who’s just ...
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