Richard Denoncourt
Publisher: Self Land Publishing
Pages: 178

Michael Cairne enters the Eastlands, a war-torn, post-apocalyptic landscape where only the hardiest survive. There, he will meet a girl named Arielle Casmas, an "empath" with the ability to heal emotional wounds - if only Michael could trust her enough to grant access to the deepest, darkest parts of his mind.In a hidden, mountain town known as Gulch, where the use of telepathy is punishable by exile, Michael is forced to train in secret, guided by his dying mentor, Louis Blake. But Michael will uncover a conspiracy in their quiet town. Gulch harbors the darkest of secrets, and its corrupt mayor, John Meacham, will stop at nothing to ensure Michael fails to gain acceptance within their community.Even if it means murder.REPUBLIC OF RAGE is the second episode of ASCENDANT, Season One of the BLOODCRIER saga. ________________________ASCENDANT: SEASON ONE OF BLOODCRIER - Episode 1: ...
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