Arlo Adams
Publisher: Layer2 Publishing
Pages: 492

After learning he has only months to live, Gemini Fowler is granted one shot to cheat death when a billionaire game-developer offers to transfer his consciousness into a virtual realm using a technology that could end death as we know it.The catch:The only current VR with the capability to receive him is the unreleased video game, Enora Online, and Gemini must survive until level ten or be completely wiped from the servers… and existence.Welcome to Enora Online, where virtual is reality.What Readers have to say about Gemini's Crossing:This book is epic. Awesome storyline and great character development. Thanks for a great book.Great world-building and a great introduction book.solid character growth and good pacing really unique characters without being overwhelming and number. Definitely 5-star book in one you should pick up .Epic scope, intricate philosophy.I absolutely love the ...
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