MacKenzie Wilde
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 49

With his new therapist at Danny’s side, his recovery speeds along. The wounded man seems to have a new lease on life as he aims to put his terrible tragedy behind him. Brad soon finds himself sneaking little glances at his handsome, somewhat cocksure patient. Their time together is fun, and flirty, as tensions bubble just beneath the surface.But theirs is far from a storybook romance. Brad’s obvious attraction to Danny needs to be tempered against his professional duties as a physical therapist. Their time together has also allowed Brad to glimpse the profound sadness that grips the strapping hunk, one well-hidden by Danny’s brash, fiery attitude. Danny isn’t the only one hiding things – when someone from Brad’s past is revealed, it threatens to bring everything crashing down around them! Will things between Danny and Brad be over before they even began?This is the second ...
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