Tammy Burnette
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 217

Series Chances Book 7About 200+ years after Our Family (Love and Survival) ended.Jess and Mark had a wonderful summer by the lake, but their short-term contract didn’t have the clauses required for what happened. Penalties can be harsh, from credits taken to exile to The Bottomlands. But Joseph offers more than the short-term contract, a marriage contract with hopes of a family. Will Jess choose stability over love? As their world comes crashing down this question is put to the side, as survival becomes a higher importance. Our small group of friends, the only known survivors of an attack and enslavement on their city from an unknown force. They decide to head into unforeseen dangers as they travel west. Soon finding this city behind the wall has rules and a culture far different than theirs. If they can prove their worth and are allowed to enter, can they truly find safety behind the ...
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