Amanda Jakle
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 47

Lady Nightshade Episode 1: The CallingThe year is 1862.The Civil War rages across America. New Orleans, Louisiana has been in Union Army hands for months, but daily life has not changed much for well-known psychic medium Florence Belladone. She talks to spirits as easily as she speaks with the living, and guides them to their eternal rest- one way or another.However, when the relatives of one lost soul come to her with questions about the suspicious nature of his death, Florence must make the decision of whether or not to become involved in their investigation. If she does become involved, she may find herself dealing with more than she had bargained for.After all, when you deal with the dead, you also have to deal with their demons- whatever forms those demons may take.Lady Nightshade is a supernatural fantasy series set against the background of the American Civil War, adventurous and ...
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