Marie Blair
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 16

Free for Kindle Unlimited members The dragons of Quace are a boisterous bunch, and this scaly family is home alone with Dad! How will he cope with the chaos? Will he ever work out how to un-singe a lawn? And hey! Is that a meteor on its way to ruin everything? He’s going to need all his mythical might to make sure that Mrs. Dragon doesn’t come home to a smoking crater instead of a house. Young readers will enjoy the ride as captivating colors and rip-roaring rhymes join forces in this playful tale of everyday domestic dragon life getting quite out of hand.What people are saying about this short funny bedtime story:Daddy Dragon Saves the Day is a story in rhyme that shows how important fathers are in a family. The colorful illustrations complement the text nicely. Appropriate for children ages 3-6. -- Sherry Ellis This is a very delightful story!The artwork is very fun and ...
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