J.P. James
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 167

I fell in love with my husband’s best friend.Conor:After Ryan passed in a freak car accident, I was devastated. We just got married, and it was hard to believe I was a widower so soon after the ceremony.But then I met Bryce. Ryan’s best friend from childhood.Bryce was tall, commanding, and utterly charismatic.He comforted me with his strong arms and sweet kisses.But it’s wrong because my husband just passed away.What will people say?Bryce:Conor’s everything I’ve ever wanted. Tall and handsome, with a sweet smile and genuine heart. He’s a small town boy with solid values.The problem is that we found each other the day after his husband died.It happened fast, but love is what it is.Now, Conor’s afraid of what people will say in this tiny hamlet.Will they brand him a slut?A manwhore?An opportunist?Yes, he’s a widower … but it’s my job to make him see that love has ...
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