Lena Arnold
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 100

Are you a prospective father or mother, expecting a new baby? Are you scared because of all the myths you’ve heard about pregnancy?Are you overwhelmed by the prospect of carrying a baby for nine months? Well, while these apprehensive feelings are normal, especially if you are a first time mom, they are no reason to worry.This book is specially designed to help pregnant women understand how they can prepare themselves for this period that is often marked by mixed feelings. It also explains the reasons why they experience so many changes and what to do, vital steps to be taken when these changes occur. You will also discover real life techniques that will help walk you through the process of pregnancy and prepare you for a safe and less stressful delivery, either at home or in the hospital. This book will be a virtual assistant offering real help throughout your 9 months of pregnancy. ...
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