Cheri Chaise
Publisher: Woman on the Chaise Publications
Pages: 173

There are many rules of the Courtesan Court. I broke the most important of all.Never fall in love with the client.Now I have no choice but to hide out and ply my trade along the Rim. Far from the heart of the Galactic Empire. Far away from his heated touch.But the Rim is filled with lawlessness and danger. When circumstances leave my credit accounts empty and my spaceship limping toward the nearest starport, I’m forced to trade sensual services for needed parts. At first glance, the slicks-streaked, foul-mouthed mech tech appears less than desirable—until the spark of passion and the strength in his arms leaves me gasping for more.But my only love continues to search the galaxy for me. When my old and new worlds collide, I must decide between a newfound life of untold pleasures and dangers or return to the one I left behind with all of its rules.And the bondage of forbidden ...
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