Lisa Brooks, Fable Charm Historical
ASIN: B07NJ292K6
Publisher: Fable Charm
Pages: 198

How can an eligible young lady in the 1818 season find a suitable husband? Wealthy lady Abigail Westerhall concluded she could not marry until she has seen the world, and so her mother took her on the Grand Tour, first to France where she sees the beauty of the fashion world and her future wedding dress, and then to Italy where she experiences great art and true love. Guillermo is an exotic Venetian nobleman, and she falls head over heels for him. When her mother discovers her scandalous dalliance, she is horrified and forces a move, but Abby outwits her. She leaves a forwarding address to Guillermo, who writes to her and proposes marriage. When she returns to England, he follows her and causes a stir at a ball by publicly declaring his love for her. He has to return to Italy to get his parents’ permission and is never heard from again. Abby, humiliated, decides to re-enter the ...
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