Bonnie Paulson
Publisher: Captiva Publishing, LLC
Pages: 124

No one wants a mob princess as their child’s kindergarten teacher.My new step-brother is the same man I danced with under the stars and teased in the parking lot with promises of what-if - a week ago! I never thought I’d see him again so I said and did things I DON'T do in my real life.He’s calling me out on being a fraud, but I have responsibilities that the real me will mess up and two families I can’t embarrass. As if that wasn’t enough, I’m expected to accept Leonardo Capone as part of one of those families.Now I have to explain to my dad, the head of THE Rossi family, why I don’t want to marry the men he offers me. Papa will never forgive me, if I marry a Capone. He still hasn’t recovered from his ex-wife doing exactly that.The REAL ME is warring with who I NEED to be… and she’s winning.​Be careful, Mia Rossi, your heart is on the line and your step-brother might be the one to run ...
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