Hildred Billings
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Pages: 223

Welcome to Paradise Valley, where the locals thrive on the rural landscape, the quirky Oregonian living, and the history of the lesbian commune that founded it. Mixing small town attitudes with lesbian dating? Sounds like another day in Paradise.Heaven’s Cafe is the social epicenter of Paradise Valley, but Heaven Mossberg doesn’t have much of a social life to show for it. Between the demanding small business life and dealing with her ex-husband’s pleas to get back together, there isn’t a lot of time for one thirty-year-old to kick back and chill. Enter Salama Amari, one of the more recent newcomers to Paradise Valley. Author, blogger, and online columnist Salama spends her days typing away in Heaven’s Cafe, partly because it’s the only place to get a decent cup of decaf… and because she can’t stop staring at the woman who seems to have her whole life figured out.Salama ...
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