Janilise Lloyd
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 326

Seventeen years ago, Ava Tanner was taken from the magical realm, Cyrus, to the human world. For all her life, she’d been told Cyrus had been destroyed. Now, she re-enters the realm for the first time and finds that it is far from the fairy-tale land she had imagined.Ava’s new friend, Trent, is an unregistered Traveler—a fact that would be considered high treason if it was discovered by the realm’s corrupt government. Trent’s eighteenth birthday is fast approaching, which means he must choose between revealing his dangerous secret during his Power Final or embracing life in Cyrus’ lowest caste. Unwilling to accept such a grim fate for her friend, Ava uses her unique abilities to join a ragtag band of rebels, intent on changing conditions for Trent. However, Ava soon learns that the costs of rebellion are steeper than she expected, and secrets of the past have far-reaching ...
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