MJ Allen
Publisher: MJ Allen Books
Pages: 245

A midnight visit to a cemetery turns violent as Simon Ambros encounters gunmen forcing a woman to dig her own grave. Once he saves her, he joins her on a quest for answers… a quest that takes them from a graveyard in Dallas to the FBI offices in Washington DC to the deserts of the Texas Panhandle. As Simon deals with money laundering, murder, and a potential terrorist attack, he also has to deal with memories that keep coming up. And he has a lot of memories, because Simon Ambros is immortal. Every answer they find leads to two more questions. Unsure who to trust, or how far the conspiracy goes, Simon finds himself in a struggle with opponents on all sides. He doesn’t know what he’s up against, but he does know that the enemies’ plan must be stopped, and the conspiracy must be uncovered. But even a man who lives forever can find himself running out of time. Can Simon learn from ...
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5 stars from 11 ratings
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