Ramona Gray
Publisher: EK Publishing Inc.
Pages: 272

Love a blue-collar hero? Grab your copy of Books One to Three in Ramona Gray's Working Men Series today! If you’re looking for quick, one-handed (ahem) reads with insta-love, and over-the-top alpha blue-collar men, then the trope-alicious Working Men series is for you!The MechanicLily I grew up with everything I ever wanted. Wealth and privilege, and an attitude that practically screamed, “I’m better than you”. Only, things went wrong and now I have nothing. The people in this town don’t give a damn that I live in a broken-down trailer and am one sandwich away from starving. They figure I got what I deserve. They’re not wrong.Now, I’m standing in front of the town’s sexy-as-sin mechanic, Jack Williams, and offering to let him… do things to me with those big, dirty hands of his, in exchange for car repairs. Things that the old me would be horrified by. I should be ashamed. Instead, all I ...
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