Kristi Belcamino
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 300

Something is terribly wrong in Sanctuary City - it's up to police officer Maggie Bychowski to stop a powerful evil threatening to destroy everyone and everything in its path “Fantastic! A compelling thrill ride with a wonderful lead to cheer for and plenty of authentic details for procedural fans. This is a beautifully crafted story with a ripped from the headlines feel. You know you're reading a great book when the writing becomes invisible and all you see is story. A great read you do not want to miss.”When Maggie Bychowski starts her new job as a police officer in Sanctuary City, the small northern California town appears as bucolic as its name.But three young girls are beginning to find out that their beloved home town has a dark, writhing underbelly.When Shadowman, an online fantasy character, starts luring local girls into doing his deadly bidding, Maggie is the only one who can ...
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