A. L. Norton
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 94

Lindsey is narrating, taking you back to the early years when the child abuse began. The struggles of living in a home with an abusive father that could become so violent, bringing fear and terror into the home, even when they least expect it. Humans, pets, no one is safe. The cruelty that her dad can dish out is unimaginable. Broken bones can heal, but broken minds remain broken forever. This is a sequel to "My Nightmare in Georgia, Based on A True story." If you have not read that book yet, get your copy while grabbing a copy of this book. Half the proceeds from both books go to Janie's Fund - Janie's House that front man Steven Tyler, of Aerosmith, opened up for young, abused girls to go to be safe, get therapy and the help that they need. Those girls, are just like me. What a great cause! If you don't mind, please be kind and leave a review for this book. It helps bring the book ...
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